Basic Chess Tactics

Hello readers of NotiChess, today we are going to help you in knowing the basics of chess tactics. What we are going to discuss about basics of chess tactics today?

What Are Chess Tactics?

A Chess Tactic is a combination of well-coordinated moves in a short period of time which helps a player attain his target

The online chess tactics are often known for their innovative outcomes in a short period of time which are lethal and turns the game into others hand.

Development Of Tactics?

Under professional implementation, tactics do end as strategies which may earn the set of pieces or even a game for a player.

Newbies should learn that not only strategies but also tactics play a very vital role in a chess game.

In general, tactics improves one’s position by threatening the opponent and then gaining some material advantage, getting strong attacking chances or giving checkmate or stalemate.

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Famous Chess Tactics

  • Discovering Attack
  • Discovering Check
  • Block
  • Fork Attack
  • Pin Attack
  • X-ray Attack
  • Battery Attack
  • Sacrifice (e.g.: Clearance sacrifice)
  • Skewer
  • Zwischenzug / Intermezzo
  • Traps etc.

How To Tackle A Tactic?

  1. Check whether opponent piece is trying to threat two or more than two pieces of yours at the same time.
  2. Find a way to remove that piece or make the opponent move the attacking piece to other position.
  3. Analyze whether your move may lead into a checkmate of yours.
  4. Make a plan, try to control the attack of opponent, try to develop pieces.
  5. At the same time figure out your opponent’s plan which is critical, though, so that you make plan according to your rival.
  6. Well in a hurry players make a lot of blunders they end up in getting a fork attack, checkmates, etc.
  7. Look for weakness, open files, kingside defense, then come up with a plan attacking rival’s weakness.
  8. Make sure you don’t have any blocked pawns, and blocked major pieces
  9. Check whether castling your king is safe for you or not, then go for it.


So far in this post, you have learnt the basic of chess tactics and their importance and how to prepare for a tackle. Hope you guys will follow my Basic Chess Game and increase your strength on Chess Game. Keep visiting my blog for such more Information about the chess game