Opening Chess Moves

Today we are going to help you in knowing the basics of best-opening chess moves. What are we going to discuss about basics of online chess game today ?

What Are Opening Moves-Its Importance?

The first few moves in a chess game are defined as Opening moves. These are the crucial moves which will eventually lead domination on the middle squares and will enable the player to make Gambits and creates dynamic imbalances.

Importance of the openings:

  • Controlling the center (super squares)
  • Piece development
  • King safety
  • Prevention of pawn weakness
  • Piece coordination
  • Making gambits (Creating positions in which the player is more comfortable than the opponent)

chess opening moves

What Are Opening Repertoire & Things To Take Care In Making Opening Moves?

Opening Repertoire:

The set of openings in which players are specialized and know the theory and moves which affect their gameplay are known as ‘Opening Repertoire’

After a while, few players will come to know the moves which they can play better than the opponent, which favor’s them.

Things to take care in making opening moves:

  • Make sure that the pawn has the back-end support
  • The kingside shouldn’t be exposed a lot to reduce the invasion towards kingside
  • Build up the bishops and knights into the center
  • Make sure your opening moves favor you to make gambits

Moves which leads into different openings and their conversion into gambits by both players:

  • White can start by moving his King’s pawn 2 spaces to “e4” most of the players choose this move because by this move two pieces get free movement (i.e. queen and bishop).
  • Here black can make any of two moves in controlling the white’s move, black can mirror the white with pawn to “e5” which will lead into the openings and gambits like – Ruy Lopez, Giuoco Piano, Evans Gambit, and King’s Gambit.
  • If black moves pawn to “e4” move, rather than mirroring the white it lead to openings and gambits like – The Sicilian Defense, French Defense, Caro-Kann, Center Counter and Pirc.
  • White can start by moving the Queen’s pawn to “d4”. This leads to openings and gambits like – The Queen’s Gambit, King’s Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian, Bogo-Indian, Queen’s Indian Defense, and Dutch Defense.

Classification Of Opening Moves

  • Open Games or Symmetric Games – Double King Pawn
  • Semi-Open Games – Single King Pawn
  • Closed Games – Double Queen Pawn
  • Semi-Closed Games – Single Queen Pawn or the Indian systems
  • Flank openings (1.b3, 1.b4, 1.c4, 1.Nf3, 1.f4, or 1.g3) and
  • Unusual first moves for White – Moves other than the king pawn (1.e4), queen pawn (1.d4), or flank openings are known as unusual openings.

Few Opening Moves – Gambits (White And Black)


Queen’s Gambit

  • English Opening
  • KIA (Kings Indian Attack)
  • Ruy Lopez Opening
  • Stonewall attack
  • Gioccu Piano
  • Ponziani opening
  • Bishops opening
  • Benko opening
  • Blackmar diemer gambit


Sicilian defense

  • KID (Kings Indian Defense)
  • Caro-Kann
  • Dutch defense
  • Queens Gambit accepted
  • Modern defense/ Pirc
  • French Defense
  • Modern defense/ Pirc
  • Four Knights Defense
  • Gruenfeld-Defense

There are lot other Openings and Gambits.

Few Aggressive Openings

  • Fried Liver Attack
  • Latvian Gambit
  • Halloween Gambit
  • Danish Gambit
  • Cochrane Gambit
  • Scotch Gambit
  • King’s Gambit


So far in this post, you have learned the basic Openings and their importance and the few major gambits played in all major tournaments. Hope you guys will follow my Basic Chess Game and increase your strength on Chess Game. Keep visiting my blog for such more Information about the chess game