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Hello readers of NotiChess guide, today we are going to help you in knowing the basics of chess online game. Even though Chess game consists of master mind tricks but they should go with the Basic chess game. So here are some of the basics of Chess game.

Why chess online are that popular?

Aside from being one of the most popular board games all over the world, chess is well known for its complex rules and highly intellectual underlying principles. However, with the help of innovative online chess tutorials, people can learn much better everything they need to know to become good players. The information that can be found in these Web sites can range from the simplest concepts up to the most complex strategies ever known.

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With the primary aim of educating people about the various aspects of chess, everyone can expect that these online tutorials are comprehensive and up-to-date. At the same time, they are user-friendly while offering lucid explanations and demonstrations on how things are basically done in the game. These channels also provide a better alternative to the traditional means of learning chess like books and instructional DVDs.

If people are to look at them closely, online chess tutorials are already complete within themselves. Beginners can always consult these Web sites for a comprehensive look at the fundamental aspects and rules of the game. Setting up chessboards, knowing how each piece moves, and understanding the various rules that bound players can be achieved with the help of online chess instructions. Expect colorful diagrams, vital exchange of important information among players, and actual game demonstrations from these online chess portals for real money, such as Shadowbet casino.

Learn from the best

As these friendly chess Web sites provide information on how to start games, people can also expect to find important data on how they can finish off their opponents. Learn how to capture the opponent’s king using the easiest and most common checkmate patterns. The Backrank Mate, Scholar’s Mate, and Fool’s Mate are guaranteed to help enhance the repertoire of chess starters worldwide.

While starters are expected to benefit the most from these friendly online chess tutorials, intermediate players should not shy away from seeking help from them. They can find vital data on advanced chess strategies and tactics that would definitely advance their knowledge and mastery of the game. The Albin Counter Gambit, Alekhine’s Defence, and Bishop’s Opening moves will surely be of serious help to any intermediate player.

While these online chess sites may focus more on strategies and tactics, they never fail to inculcate ideas, quotes, and principles that would benefit their visitors online. People are guaranteed to admire the words of wisdom that notable chess players and legends have to impart. At the same time, they could also learn how the other neglected aspects of the game work such as chess clocks and the like.

Who Invented The Chess And When Did It Got Popular?

There is been a common belief that chess is originated from India in 6th century A.D during Gupta Empire. Its earliest form is known as Chaturanga or AshtaPada which means division of Military – Infantry, Cavalry, Elephants and Chariotry which got evolved as today’s modern chess piece terminology Pawns, Bishop, Knight, Rook. In 7th century A.D the Indian chess is adopted by Persians and called the game as Chaturaang. As the Persia conquered by Arabs in 10th century A.D the Persian Chaturaang game adopted, modified and introduced game to Europe as Shatranj and from there modern chess got evolved in 15th century.

In the late 18th century the chess tournaments began and then after chess got popularized. There are also many chess variants have evolved with different rules, boards and pieces. The first world chess champion is Wilhelm Steinitz in 1886.

What Are The Components In A Chess Game?

In the standard game of chess each player has 16 pieces namely on each side respectively

  • 1 king
  • 1 queen
  • 2 rooks/castles
  • 2 bishops
  • 2 knights
  • 8 pawns

So how to setup a chess board with coins to start the game. First u starts out with a white space on the right side.

Queen is placed on its skin color square on the middle two squares of board

King with white skin is placed right to the queen and King with black skin is placed left to the queen, so that both the Kings faces each other

Bishops to the right and left of the kind and queen. Knights to the right and left of the bishops. Rooks or Castles to the right and left of the knights.

Pawns they are eight of them to the front of every military in second and seventh row. So, by now you have completed how to setup the chess board.

How The Chess Pieces Can Move?

As per all official international tournaments follow the Swiss-system tournament rules for pairing players. In most of the tournaments a rule is followed where a player who plays as white have to play as black in next round, vice-versa. But according to world chess federation – FIDE the players who plays as white or black is based on their ranks, strength, national rating, title, etc.

The most important thing in understanding chess is to know the pieces and how they moved. The players with white pieces always moves first.

The legal moves of the pieces are as follows:

Pawns: Pawns can only move forward. On their first move they can move one or two squares. They capture an enemy piece by moving one square forward diagonally.

Bishops: Bishops can move any number of squares diagonally. They can move diagonally forward and diagonally backward to any empty squares available

Knights: Knights can move only in an L-shape, one square up and two squares at 90° angle, or two squares up and one squares at 90° angle, or any such combination of one-two or two-one movements in any direction. Knights are the only pieces in chess board which can jump over the other pieces.

Rooks or Castles: Rooks can move any number of squares, straight the lines across the board, backwards and side to side as far as they can. They cannot move in diagonals in any situation.

Queen: Queens can move any number of squares as many open spaces available in any direction vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

King: Kings can move any direction-vertically, horizontally and diagonally, but he is limited to move only one square at a time.

So, that’s the components of chess and how they move.

What Are The Rules In A Chess Game?

By now you have learnt how to move every piece and their limitations on a chess board. Now you’re going to know the all possible game rules which help you play the game legally.

Moving a Piece: An important tip to note down is while moving a piece on chess board you can test the move by that if you move a piece and keep the hand on the piece that move is not considered as final and you could take it back or change the position if you will to do so. But once you moved your piece and removed your hand then that move is considered as final you have to live with it good or bad.

En Passant: En passant is a rule applies only to the pawns. When a pawn moves two square ahead on its first move, by which if its landing to side of an opponent’s pawn then the opponent pawn has this amazing rule to capture this first pawn. It is subjected that this attack should be done immediately after the first pawn makes it move or else the En Passant rule is not valid to use.

Promotion: There is a special ability for every pawn, when a pawn reaches other side of the board it can become any other piece (which is captured or not captured) by your choice and called as “Promotion”.

Castling: It is an important rule by FIDE, the King must first be moved two squares followed by the rook. Likewise, on Queenside castling, the rules apply. First King is moved two squares, followed by the Rook.

Castling can be done and cannot be under some specific rules:

  • Castling cannot be available if the king is already undergone his first move.
  • The rook which is participating in castling should not yet moved in the game.
  • King should not be in check, if he is castling is not allowed.
  • There should be no pieces in between king and rook for castling.
  • Castling is not permitted if the king is going to get checked after doing the castling.
  • The squares between king and rook if ever got attacked by opponent then castling option is not allowed.
  • Check and Checkmates: Simply check is when the king is under attack from the opponent’s pieces.
  • Checkmate is when the king is in lot of attack and unable to get away from the check.Once the king is in check he have to get out of the check immediately, if he cannot do so it is called checkmate which is the end of the game from his side and opponent wins.

What Are The Rules Of Different International Chess Games?

Time Limited Games: Most of the tournaments uses timers or clocks in order to regulate or reduce the long lasting games. Once the player has moved a piece then he have to touch the button or lever of the timers with the same hand which he used to move that piece and which in turn is considered as a valid move.

If a player’s time is finished the other player have to call the time so that the player who ran out of time will eventually loses the game.

False moves: Moving a piece without even allowing other component to make his move is considered as false move and then opponent wins the game.

Once a piece is moved recalling or re-organizing it is not allowed, you have to stick with what you have played.

Moving your opponent’s pieces is strictly prohibited and the game is given to the opponent.

Touch-Move: Once if you have touched your piece you have to move it compulsory in any bad situation.

Once you have touched opponent’s piece you have to attack and remove that piece from the board.There is an option to adjust your piece on the board for that you have to call out as ‘Adjust’ to seek the permission to do so.


So far in this post you have learnt the basic form of playing the Chess and the moves. Hope you guys will follow my Basic Chess Game and increase your strength on Chess Game. Keep visiting my blog for such more Information about the chess game.